SEAt, Karlijn Sibbel, sea stool, salt chair, salt, sea, dutch design, dutch blue, beach chair, NaCl, textile hardener

material: sea salt and cotton wires

SEAt   │  2016

How could we use the capability of sea salt to form strong structures?

To test the potential applications and strength of salt crystal formation on cotton wireframes, I designed and knitted a stool foundation for salt crystals to secure themselves on. 

In this project I explored a different way to create objects. Instead of traditional manufacturing techniques, I aim to use natural resources to control and fabricate objects.

Learn more about this technique used to create SEAt here: Industry by Nature – textile hardener



SEAt, salt, salt stool, salt chair, sea salt, sea, dutch coast, Karlijn Sibbel, textile hardener, crystalline

SEAt, dune, salt stool, salt chair, sea stool, sea salt, Karlijn Sibbel, Dutch Dunes




SEAt, Karlijn Sibbel, Salt, Growth, Salt formation, Salt structure, Salt chair, Salt Stool, Sea chair

the process of forming salt crystals in the shape of a stool

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