INDUSTRY BY NATURE / crystal layering

building bio-inspired micro production


Industry by Nature   │  2015


By regulating time, temperature and consistency, I was able to form salt crystals into spherical structures.  I inserted the spherical structure, as a crystal seed, into a highly concentrated salt solution where clear salt crystals would strengthen the structure by forming layers. With this research I investigated new approaches to fabrication technologies, aiming to form objects using natural resources from the sea.

My previous teacher of chemistry, Marjon Dullemond helped me with specific chemical information for this project. With her help, I was able to brainstorm my ideas and substantiate my findings.


salt, bowl, sea, production techniques, karlijn sibbel, studio karlijn sibbel, crystals, crystal layering

material: NaCl (sea salt)


NaCl, Karlijn Sibbel, salt, coppersulfate, crystals, crystal layering, material research, design

material: sea salt                           /                      material: coppersulfate                        /                             material: sea salt


salt, bowl, crystals, karlijn sibbel, studio karlijn sibbel, seasalt, design, biodesign, natural materials, material research

material: NaCl (sea salt)


NaCl, salt, KarlijnSibbel, crystals, studio Karlijn Sibbel, seawater, design, growth, industry by nature

clear salt crystals form on the crystal bowl under water / NaCl solution


Jared Farmer, Great Salt Lake

using natural resources / credits Jared Farmer

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