INDUSTRY BY NATURE / textile hardener

building bio-inspired micro production


Industry by Nature   │  2015


This project focused on how salt could serve as a material and ways we could apply its capability to form strong structures. By creating a flexible cotton wireframe and controlling its shape with weights, I created a foundation for the crystals to secure themselves on. The framework was suspended in a salt solution and lifted up in increments. Over time crystals formed on the wires and hardened the structure. This ability to harden flexible wireframes shaped by weights and knots allows for a great variety of forms and design freedom. My aim is to apply this technique in natural environments and use local resources to create objects.

See an object created with this technique here: SEAt



textile hardener, karlijn sibbel, salt, crystal, growth, nacl, cotton wire, Gaudi, flexible shape, design, material research

crystal formation on cotton wires in a salt solution




illustration, Karlijn Sibbel, salt, growth process

illustrating the process of crystal formation on wireframes




salt, karlijn sibbel, growth, textile hardener, crystal formation, arts and science, design, cotton wires, frame, studio karlijn sibbel

crystal formation process in a salt solution, showing development under and above water



salt, experiments, karlijn sibbel, textile hardener, material design, material research, design

      material: sea salt and cotton wire        /          material: sea salt, wire, and water           /        material: sea salt, cotton wire, and water


textile hardener, karlijn sibbel, studio karlijn sibbel, salt, sea salt, sea, industry by nature, dutch design

sea salt formations on cotton wireframes

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