RE:FLEX / shape memory material


Re:flex   │  2019

A reflex is an action that is performed without conscious thought in response to given stimuli

Re:flex is a reconfigurable, programmable composite material that changes its shape in response to heat. In nature, materials function as mechanisms, they adapt to their environment. We were inspired by this principle and created an intelligent composite that can be embedded in the everyday.

With reflex, we imagine a world that is no longer inert, allowing users to reshape objects to suit their needs.

Team: James Fraser, Pierre Azalbert and Benton Ching

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thermal actuation, shape memory, shape memory material, reflex, re:flex, self-assembly, actuator

self-assembling stool  /  the joints function as thermal actuators

CAPABILITY 1 : Thermal Actuation

Re:flex can be used as a thermal actuator within a larger mechanism or system, providing force and motion to other components.

healthcare, innovation, reversible fixation, shape memory, shape memory material, reflex, re:flex, arm cast, design, reshape, reuse, recycle

reusable arm cast  / can be easily reshaped and reused to perfectly fit a new user each time

CAPABILITY 2 : Reversible fixation

Re:flex can fit into a shape in its soft state and locks that shape when it cools down. Creating a reversible fixation.

sport innovation, shape memory, shape memory material, reflex, re:flex, bicycle saddle, design, reshape, reuse, recycle

reshapable bicycle saddle / can be made to fit different users or use cases

CAPABILITY 3 : Unlimited fitting

The flexibility and programmability of re:flex allows it conform to different surfaces, taking its form when the material cools



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