Aurora   │  2014

This project is the result of the masterclass ‘Blikwisseling’ (exchange of views), led by two scientists from MIT Media lab (USA) at the Radboud University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The focus of this masterclass was the collaboration and merging of a wide variety of disciplines. The other participants were students of architecture, chemistry, biology, music theater, engineering, among other disciplines.

By participating in this masterclass, I learned how interesting thoughts, ideas, and solutions emerge from interdisciplinary brainstorms and collaborations. My team’s project resulted in an object that used a sensor to connect hand movements to changes in light. Simulating a flight of fireflies you control with your hands, it creates a sense of nature through technology.

Teammates: Jonathan Knegtel (electrical engineering), Jelle van der Meulen (music theater), Judith Weda (creative technology), and Janneke van der Lo (biology)


Karlijn Sibbel - Masterclass waves - Aurora

Object ‘Aurora’ in use during the masterclass exhibit  /  location: Radboud University



Karlijn Sibbel - Masterclass waves - Aurora - 2014

under the dome












 credits Martijn Schinkel


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