pitch with Bram Bogaerts

Intelligent Packaging   │  2015


In recent years the amount of information presented on food packaging has increased. We are glutted with different kinds of expiration dates, nutritional facts, ingredients, e-numbers, and instructions among others. We became reliable on this information presented, and are anxious to trust our own judgement. Although packages present us an expiration date, in many cases it does not include information about a product’s exact shelf life after it has been opened. As a result of this ignorance, we tend to be on the safe side and throw it away.

For this short pitch assignment, we developed a package concept wherein the package itself is used as an indicator to determine the shelf-life of the product. With our concept, we aimed to invite the consumer to use his / her senses to assess the quality of the product, as a replacement of the expiration date. Additionally, we proposed a digital knowledge platform that would support the user.

To stimulate the senses, we proposed pure transparent package designs that reveal the content instead of concealing it. As an example, we designed a milk package made from a smart material that changes color by measuring the presence of certain bacteria. Therefore the package would indicate its shelf life by transforming, the more yellow it gets the sooner you need to finish the product. The package would also have an odor filter which allows the user to smell the product to determine its quality without opening the package. Additionally, the package would contain a NFC chip which can be scanned with a mobile device to guide the user to a digital platform that presents information about the product. For this reason, the amount of information would not be restricted by the amount of space on the package and can be designed and categorized for the best user experience. For instance, it could give you tips or specific advice about how to best store your product to extend its shelf life or tell a story about its origin. By presenting these ideas we wanted to offer and inspire the packaging industry with a radically different approach.


Skimmed Milk - Bogaerts + Sibbel.jpg

                                                                                       left: one day                                                                                            right: four days





Commissioned by: Wereld van Papier (World of Paper) Kenniscentrum Papier en Karton (Knowledge Centre Paper and Cardboard) Art Business Centre

Pitch assignment: Design an intelligent- / active PLUS packing with additional functionalities for fresh foods and flowers with a short shelf life.

Collaboration: Studio Bram Bogaerts │ interaction design

Project date: October – 17 November 2015



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