Hi, I’m Karlijn, a creative researcher and designer from the Netherlands. With a Bachelor degree in Product Design and my fascination with life sciences and natural phenomena, I am working on the intersection of design, science, nature and technology. To deepen and accelerate research, spark innovative discoveries, and tackle challenging ideas, I am always seeking interdisciplinary collaborations.



working in the lab at AlgaePARC with Jeroen de Vree

How can we be inspired by nature to approach materials and the way we fabricate objects in a radically different way?

A question that plays a significant role in my work. In my work, I use natural processes and phenomena as tools and sources of inspiration. I want to reimagine materials and change the way we create objects. What if we replace traditional production with biological fabrication? Can new manufacturing technologies use not just materials from the environment, but also the environment itself? Imagine if we can grow products with materials sourced from local areas. In a time in which we are increasingly searching for ways to eliminate waste and resource depletion, I am convinced that this shift in thinking is becoming even more critical.

To explore new ways of manufacturing, my curiosity towards natural materials and processes plays a significant role. It is this curiosity that inspires me to conduct experiment-based research to discover the characteristics of a material, the processes and phases it undertakes, and how its features may be transformed and used to find its potential.

My research project Industry by Nature is an example of this: it consists of manipulating the growth of two natural resources, algae and salt, to induce them to adopt certain shapes. Another example is my project 3D Printing Salt, where I use the properties of salt to develop new production processes for ceramics and plastics, among other materials

This by curiosity-driven research is focused on rethinking the way we handle materials and create objects, aiming to use renewable resources like the sea and sunlight.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to suggest a collaboration, project or otherwise.

Studio Karlijn Sibbel
Prins Bernhardlaan 12
6721 DR, Bennekom
The Netherlands
@: info@karlijnsibbel.com
T: +31(0)6 44450022
KvK-number: 64268322


now │  MA / MSc │Innovation Design Engineering │ RCA & Imperial College London (UK)                                                                                                                          2016 │   Bootcamp │ ‘Biohacker Bootcamp’ │ Genspace New York City (USA)
2015 │   Training │ ‘Presentation training’ │ Coaching by Marlies Leupen O.P.A. │Arnhem (NL)                                                                                                            2015 │   Graduated Excellent │ Bachelor Product Design│ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem (NL)
2014 │   Internship │ Marjan van Aubel │ London (UK)
2014 │   Masterclass │ Renewable Energy │ Land Art Generator Initiative + Marjan van Aubel │ Copenhagen (DK)
2014 │   Masterclass │ ‘exchange of views’ │ MIT Medialab │ Radboud University Nijmegen (NL)
2013 │   Minor │ ArTechLab │ ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Enschede (NL)
2010 │   Graduated │ Nature and Technology + Nature and Health │ HAVO Montessori College Arnhem (NL)


2016 │    Dutch Design Week │ Van Abbemuseum │ Eindhoven
2016 │    Made In Grunn │ ‘Wolkenfabriek’ │ Groningen
2016 │    Innovate Arnhem │ Industrial Park Kleefse Waard │ Eindhoven
2016 │    Generation ‘16 MOAM │ ‘De School’ │ Amsterdam
2016 │    Impulse │ Wageningen University │ Wageningen
2015 │    Media Art Festival │ Young Masters exhibition │ Leeuwarden
2015 │    InScience film festival │ Mariënburg chapel │ Nijmegen
2015 │    Dutch Design Week │ ABN AMRO hotspot │ Eindhoven
2015 │    Innovate Arnhem │ City Hall │ Arnhem
2015 │    Dude magazine expo │ BNO – Dog&Pony │ Amsterdam
2015 │    ArtEZ Finals 2015 │ Arnhem
2014 │    ArTechLab │ designing a technique │ TETEM │ Enschede
2014 │    MEH! Collective Arnhem Product 2014 │ TAPE │ Arnhem


2016 │    NRC Handelsblad
2016 │    Kunst en Stad
2016 │    DUDE magazine
2016 │    O.P.A. (Design Platform Arnhem)
2016 │    Dutch Culture USA
2016 │    Radio NPO 1
2016 │    Het Parool
2015 │    DUDE magazine
2015 │    Nieuwe Arnhemse Krant
2015 │    Innovation.ArtEZ


2015 │   Design Stipend Award │ Groote Sociëteit Arnhem │ 1st prize winner
2015 │   Arnhemse Nieuwe 2015 │ O.P.A. + CASA + BK Arnhem│ award
2015 │   Young Masters Award │ Media Art Festival  nomination